A Low Credit Score Can Impact A Lot More Than Just Financing

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Services Provided

Credit Restoration

Rebuild your credit profile.

We have the blueprint to structure your credit profile to fit the criteria that financial institutions seek for the purpose of lending money.

Financial Planning

Reduce your stress about money, support your current needs, and build a nest egg for your long-term goals. Make the most of your assets, and help ensure you meet your future goals.

Notary Services

Authenticate your documents. 

We provide virtual notary services as well.

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“Ms. Scott is very responsive, shows great empathy, and is experienced at what she does. I saw improvement within the first month of service. Repairing one’s credit can be a long process, but you cannot go wrong with Queen’s Consulting every step of the way.”



“Queens Consulting LLC has played a vital role in increasing my knowledge in financial literacy. They are very professional, efficient, responsive, and have produced excellent results in credit repair journey. I highly recommend Queens Consulting LLC.”

RaeLynn Rider

Financial Manager at Acme

“Everything is all good without a compliant. Communication means a lot to me and they fulfill every time.”

Quotisha Rhodes

Financial Manager at Acme

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